What is your political ideology, really?

For each issue chose the position that most reflects your personal views.

Question 1:   Abortion?
Unrestricted access to abortions.
Legal abortions in the first two trimesters for the mother's health.
Legal abortions in the first trimester for the mother's health.
No legal abortions, except to save the mother's life or rape.
No legal abortions.

Question 2:   Affirmative Action?
Make all federal agencies follow strict quotas.
Diversity is a compelling reason for affirmative action.
The benefits of diversity can justify affirmative action.
Affirmative action programs only in certain cases.
Abolish all affirmative action programs.

Question 3:   Balanced Budget?
A deficit is fine - focus on social programs.
Military spending is more important than the deficit.
Balance lowering the deficit with other priorities.
A Balanced Budget amendment to eliminate the deficit.
Eliminate all national debt as soon as possible.

Question 4:   Business Tax?
Significantly increase business taxation.
Increase business taxation.
Businesses are taxed the right amount.
Reduce business taxation.
Significantly reduce business taxation.

Question 5:   Campaign Finance Reform?
Elections are rigged for the two parties - we need major reform!
We need to significantly reduce corporate donations.
We need to put more power into smaller donors' hands.
The McCain/Feingold bill is sufficient.
No campaign finance reform is needed.

Question 6:   Ecology?
The environment must be our first national priority.
Good environmental policies are good economic policies.
Balance environmental policies with sound economic policies.
Economic policies must come before environmental policies.
The environment is fine, we don't need to worry about it.

Question 7:   Education?
No school vouchers, large increase to federal funding.
No school vouchers, increase federal funding.
Lower income school vouchers, increase federal funding.
School vouchers for lower-income students.
School vouchers for anyone.

Question 8:   Free Trade?
We need to erect large tariff barriers to protect all our industries.
Some industries need to be protected.
Open markets should be approached with caution.
Most markets should be open.
All markets should be open!

Question 9:   Gun Control?
Ban all guns!
Ban certain guns, and require registration/background checks.
Gun control is a state issue.
We should be very wary of gun control.
Gun ownership is constitutionally protected - no gun control!

Question 10:   Gay Marriage?
Same-sex marriage is a constitutional right.
Same-sex marriage, even if not in name.
Retain marriage as it is, but explore civil unions.
Marriage is between a man and a woman.
Homosexuals need to be treated for their condition.

Question 11:   Immigration?
Immigration is great, illegal immigrants granted amnesty.
Legal immigration is great.
Legal immigration is fine, but immigration laws need to be obeyed.
Reduce legal immigration, crack down on illegal immigration.
Immigration is destroying the country - stop all immigration now!

Question 12:   Military Funding?
Drastically cut military funding, establish a Department of Peace.
We should decrease military funding.
Keep military budget the same, look to be more efficient.
Increase the military budget, but find ways to be more efficient.
We need to significantly increase the military budget to meet new threats.

Question 13:   Military Intervention?
Military intervention is another way of saying, 'empire building'.
For humanitarian causes or if we are attacked.
Only if we are attacked.
If our national interests are threatened.
We can and should use our military might to further our own interests.

Question 14:   Personal Tax?
Increase income tax for everyone.
Increase income tax for the rich.
Reduce income tax for lower-and middle-class tax brackets.
Reduce income tax across the board.
Reduce income tax for the rich, move toward a flat tax rate.

Question 15:   Public Health Care?
We need a completely public health care system.
Universal health care, whether public or private.
Public health care benefits for the poor and elderly, the rest private.
Only a few public health care benefits.
The health care system should be completely private.

Question 16:   Renewable Energy?
Renewable energy all the way!
We should focus on renewable energy sources.
Renewable and non-renewable energy should be equally researched.
Coal and oil are our main concerns right now.
We don't need to worry about renewable energy sources.

Question 17:   Social Security?
No to any private investment, drastically increase funding.
No to private investment, increase funding.
Keep social security as it is.
Let workers privately invest some of their social security payments.
Let workers privately invest all social security payments.

Question 18:   Terrorism?
We should surrender to the terrorists.
We need to fight the cause of terrorism, economic and social injustice.
Focus on better foreign policy, but use military force if we must.
We should not hesitate to use military force against terrorism.
Terrorism can only be stopped one way: military force.

This Quiz has been designed by Colin Thomas.